to quarrel.

A glossary of provincial and local words used in England. . 1790.

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  • fratch´er — fratch «frach», verb, noun. Dialect. –v.i. to disagree; quarrel. –n. a disagreement; quarrel. ╂[perhaps imitative] –fratch´er, noun …   Useful english dictionary

  • fratch|y — «FRACH ee», adjective. Dialect. quarrelsome; that scolds …   Useful english dictionary

  • fratch — 1. noun A dispute, a quarrel; a fight or brawl. I ha never had no fratch afore, sin ever I were born, wi any o my like; Gonnows I ha none now thats o my makin. 2. verb To argue, to quarrel …   Wiktionary

  • fratch — fratcher, n. /frach/, Brit. Dial. v.t. 1. to disagree; quarrel. n. 2. a quarrel; argument; dispute. [1400 50; late ME fracchen to creak, of uncert. orig.] * * * …   Universalium

  • fratch — I Yorkshire Dialect Quarrel II Cleveland Dialect List to squabble angrily III North Country (Newcastle) Words to scold, to quarrel …   English dialects glossary

  • fratch — v. disagree, argue; quarrel, dispute n. dispute, quarrel, disagreement, argument …   English contemporary dictionary

  • fratch — /frætʃ/ (say frach) verb (i) Colloquial to fret; complain. {Middle English fracchen to creak; probably of imitative origin} …   Australian English dictionary

  • fratch — I. ˈfrach intransitive verb ( ed/ ing/ es) Etymology: Middle English fracchen to creak, probably of imitative origin dialect England : quarrel, wrangle II. noun ( es …   Useful english dictionary

  • fratchety — fratchˈety or fratchˈy adjective • • • Main Entry: ↑fratch …   Useful english dictionary

  • fratchy — ˈfrachi adjective ( er/ est) dialect Britain : irritable and argumentative : peevish * * * fratchˈety or fratchˈy adjective • • • Main Entry: ↑fratch …   Useful english dictionary

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